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How The Left Uses History To Undermine A Republic

By now, most people have heard the liberals comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler. One can assume this is due to Trump's immigration reform policies, his stance on Muslims and Muslim refugees, his ongoing conflicts with the mainstream media and print journalism, and his campaign slogan of "Make America Great Again". The more interesting analysis is why they would exactly do this. There are a couple reasons one can conclude for this. One reason would be they are not well-versed in German history and have just a cursory knowledge of NAZI Germany and thus don't honestly know the facts and truth of history. A second reason may be that they do have a full-fledged knowledge of the NAZI's and are just playing fast and loose with the truth and facts in order to paint a false narrative in the minds of Americans. With the dumbing down of America over the last several years through our failing education system, it is quite plausible that just incurring this image of Hi…

Do We Have A Gun Problem Or A Culture Problem?

The awful tragedy in Parkland, Florida filled the news on Valentine's Day. A day of love was superseded by pain and unthinkable heartache when a 19-year-old former student entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and killed seventeen people. There had been numerous warning signs and red flags that Nikolas Cruz was a ticking time bomb. Those signs were either ignored or dismissed by police, FBI agents, and others. With stories such as this, the gun-control crowd comes out in full force with renewed cries to ban guns and stop the violence. While that may sound like a simple solution it is purely a political stunt to prey on the emotions of those who want something done. The question is whether we have a gun problem or a culture problem in America?

Let's look at the facts and the data from a completely honest and straightforward view. No spin or political games, just honesty. There are roughly 300 million guns in America and about 33,000 deaths by guns. Of those deaths by fi…

The Hypocrisy Of Republicans

"When the Democrats are in power, Republicans appear to be the conservative party. But when Republicans are in power, it seems there is no conservative party." ~ Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky)
When Senator Rand Paul stood up on the floor of the United States Senate on Thursday and went on a long tirade pointing out the amount of wasteful spending of taxpayer money you knew he would catch the ire of many of his colleagues. He was called a showman and a brash carnival barker who is the "perennial annoying gadfly" in Washington. All that may be true, but the one thing Mr. Paul is more than anything else, is honest. More often than not you get lip service from the career politicians roaming the corridors of the Capitol. It's rather refreshing to hear an honest voice speaking up and calling out the hypocrisy in Washington.

The common drumbeat of the Republicans throughout the Obama years was that we needed to come out and vote for them to give them control of the Hous…

What Is The Democrats Endgame?

President Trump has been in office now for just over a year and we have heard the same mantra from the Democrats. That narrative is a game of "Blame and Shame". Your game show hosts are a general mix of ne'er-do-wells from the somewhat lucid Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to the more mentally unstable Maxine Waters. It involves such shaming as calling Mr. Trump mentally unstable, unfit for office, colluding with Russia, an illegitimate president, a general obstructionist of justice, a sexual predator, and lest we forget to mention, the new Hitler. Yes, the Democrats are not lacking in their creativity skills. But what is their endgame? Surely, they can't think this game of blame and shame will get them back in power?

History says that the Democrats do have a good chance of gaining seats and momentum in the midterm elections. History is usually a good guide and most bettors in Vegas look for trends. Midterms tend to bring much lower voter turnout than presidential el…

The Silence Of The Lambs

Living in the Bible Belt, one would think that a gubernatorial candidate in Tennessee wanting to hold a Homeland Security Summit at a Christian university with a primary focus on Islamic terrorism wouldn't be very controversial. But in this current world in which we live, you would be wrong. The gubernatorial candidate is Mae Beavers, a conservative Republican, and the Christian university is Trevecca Nazarene University. The summit was scheduled to take place on January 25th on the campus of Trevecca featuring three guest lecturers who specialize in Islamic studies and terrorism. The speakers were Dr. Bill Warner, Cathy Hinners, and John Guandolo. So why would this public summit be abruptly cancelled after tickets had already been sold?

Trevecca Nazarene University released this statement in regards to the cancellation of the event:

"Throughout our history, Trevecca has consistently offered political candidates of both parties the opportunity to use our campus for events. W…

Have We Forgotten That First Christmas?

Jay Leno had a segment on The Tonight Show several years ago when he was the host. The segment was called "Jaywalking" and he would ask everyday Americans some basic questions and the responses were rather astounding at times. It made for a fun comedy bit and also a reality check on how our republic had slipped to new lows in common sense and intelligence on numerous topics. One wonders if you asked everyday Americans about that first Christmas what kind of replies you would receive. My guess is it would be highly entertaining and enlightening no doubt. A recent Pew Research Center poll found 46% of Americans say they celebrate Christmas as primarily a religious (rather than cultural) holiday.  That is down from 51% just four years ago. Even more interesting, 56% of American adults say religious aspects of Christmas are emphasized less in American society today than in the past, though relatively few are bothered by this trend.

Just for a refresher, Santa Claus wasn't a…

Who Was The Real Winner In Alabama?

Yes, Democrat Doug Jones defeated Judge Roy Moore in the special election this past week in Alabama. One would assume that Jones and the Democratic Party were the big winners and that President Trump and Judge Moore were the big losers. If you listened to the mainstream media and the political elites that would be the general consensus. But that is not the best analysis. No, the real winner in Alabama was the weaponizing of allegations to tar and feather an innocent man. There is a difference between allegations and evidence. There were numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct thrown at Judge Moore but little signs of any real solid evidence. Unlike in a court of law, in the High Court of Public Opinion you are considered guilty until proven innocent. That becomes a far more difficult threshold for an accused person to overcome when the media runs out a plethora of accusers and pundits to infer you are guilty as charged. Yes, in this court, jumping to conclusions is w…

Will This Shot Across The Bow Reverberate Throughout Washington?

It was a bad day if you were Sen. Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republicans in Washington. The voters in Alabama voted overwhelmingly for Judge Roy Moore over Trump-backed Luther Strange. Strange was appointed to fill the vacant United States Senate seat previously held by Jeff Sessions when Sessions was offered the position of United States Attorney General. McConnell and the establishment Republicans poured boatloads of money into Alabama to get Strange back to Washington only to flush it all down the toilet. The conservative voters of Alabama soundly rejected business as usual and took a flyer on Judge Moore to shake things up.

Even worse news, to add insult to injury, earlier in the day Sen. Bob Corker decided he would not seek another term as the junior Senator from Tennessee. Whether he saw the writing on the wall for 2018 and the midterms or whether he just had enough of the job and the headaches, he leaves an opening for a real conservative statesman to fill his seat.…