The Lost War

As the bathroom battle rages on across America over the North Carolina and Mississippi legislation, it becomes obvious that the war has been lost. The war I am referring to is the Culture War. From gay marriage to transgender bathrooms to the removal of God from more and more places, the Culture War has been lost, or maybe more accurately, not wholeheartedly and completely engaged by the Silent Majority, leading to a surrender. What leads me to this observation and what are the reasons for this "Lost War"?

There are two main reasons for this declaration of a lost war. The first reason, and the most important, is that America has pushed God away more and more with every passing generation. According to the Pew Research Center's 2014 Religious Landscape Study, 89% of Americans say they believe in God, which is down from 92% in 2007. That doesn't seem like a seismic shift, but as you go more in depth on the numbers, you start to see much more of a downward trend. Of those Americans surveyed, just 63% are absolutely certain that God exists, down from the 71% in 2007. And it is a generational problem. Of those Americans 65 and older, 70% are absolutely certain that God exists, however, just 51% of those age 30 and under hold that same belief. In a Gallup Poll in 2014, they found 86% believed in God, which was down from the 96% in 1994. Clearly, America is becoming increasingly secular and moral relativism has become the prevailing philosophical view. Meaning, anything goes.

The second reason, is the Silent Majority has remained silent for way too long. As the vocal minority has continued to push their progressive ideals and morals on American society, the Silent Majority has stayed relatively quiet. With the Left's use of political correctness as a sledgehammer, many of the conservative majority have failed to really fight back and wholeheartedly engage in the Culture War. The Gay Rights lobby is a very vocal and strong minority that has pushed the needle from tolerance to absolute acceptance. Nothing less of acceptance is allowed without facing the full wrath of the Left. The Silent Majority is primarily a group of people who believe in morals and conservative evangelical principles but aren't typically motivated to fight and engage in standing up for those beliefs. They have consistently just spoke amongst themselves about the Culture War, saddened by the road we are on, but not nearly to the point of standing up and confronting it head on in battle after battle. Thus, their silence and meekness has allowed the progressive liberals to steamroll ahead on their agenda.

By losing the bedroom, we now are losing the bathroom as well. The Culture War has been lost my friends due to our failure to stand up and push back against the progressive liberal agenda. It is too little and too late to stem the tide and go back to where we were. The genie is out of the bottle and can't be put back in. Short of all American Christians falling to their knees and asking God for forgiveness and a cleansing of our republic, our country has been taken down a dark road. We only have ourselves to blame for idly standing around and waving the white flag in this "Lost War".


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