The Enemy Within

Like everyone else, I woke up on Sunday morning and heard of the terrorist attack in Orlando. I was saddened, and yet, unfortunately, not exactly surprised. The title of this piece has a dual meaning, and I will elaborate on that as I share some thoughts. Needless to say, the future of our republic is in grave danger, my friends, and it is under attack. Not only under attack from Islamic terrorism, but also from the twin evils of ignorance and political correctness.

There is no doubt that the Islamic State has sleeper cells on American soil. It is quite difficult to say exactly how many Islamic terrorists are embedded in our republic, but I seriously wouldn't be shocked to find out they have numerous jihadists in every state of our union. So the enemy is here and within striking distance at a moments notice. So how can you tell the difference between a peaceful Muslim and a jihadist Muslim? The problem is that you can't. So now you see just how much of a nightmare this is. But the twin evils of ignorance and political correctness may be our bigger enemy within.

Political correctness and ignorance have blinded so many people in this country. By not identifying and acknowledging our enemy, Islamic terrorism, we have put ourselves in serious risk. If you are too afraid to speak up for fear of retribution and being shamed and called a bigot, then Islam has won the mental game and put us behind the eight ball. It isn't about gun control or hatred of gays and lesbians, it is about an all out war with Islam. They are engaged and winning, because we are ignorant and blinded by political correctness. Until we take off the blinders and fully understand Mohammed and Islam, and then completely engage in this war to win, we will end up facing more and more terrorist attacks and find ourselves perishing and submitting to their faith.

The battle is raging on, and we have our heads buried in the sand. We should be monitoring all the mosques as well as profiling Muslims, especially those in the 18-45 year old age range. We should not be allowing groups like CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the Muslim Brotherhood to be aiding in the sensitivity training of our law enforcement agencies. We should be making a full-scale strategy to root out the Islamic State in Afghanistan and Iraq and any other areas they are. This would require a lot of backbone and to throw all the political correctness out of the window. Until we make this a priority, we can't expect any security. The time to wake up and change course, is now. How many more dead Americans will it take?


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