American Foreign Policy: On A Course To Disaster

As many people wind down from summer and head into the autumn season, most likely, the majority of Americans are not honed in on foreign policy issues. Let's face it, most people are interested in their own world and couldn't care less about what is happening elsewhere in the world. That is completely understandable. There are a plethora of domestic policy issues that truly do bring fear and serious concern to the average person. Health care costs continue to rise as Obamacare becomes more and more of a failure, the national debt is now at $20 trillion and growing, the economy is sluggish and in a state of uncertainty, and there is an important election coming up in November. All very important topics to focus on and draw folks away from the looming foreign policy crises. Those domestic policy issues can definitely lead us into serious problems and hurt us. However, the foreign policy decisions can kill us. The current path we are on, if we don't drastically change course, is a path to disaster.

There are several foreign policy fires burning that need to be addressed. Russia and China have been getting more aggressive in the last year or so and they are continuing to push the envelope. From buzzing American destroyers in the Baltic to flying close to our military jets, they both have been sending a distinct message. That is a message of aggression without fear of reprisal. They have been filling the void in our world, as the United States has become noticeably weaker and less of a player. The Obama administration has actively set out apologizing to the world for American dominance and has been on a path of appeasement. The results have been a steady growth in power by Russia and China and little, if any, serious deterrence from America. Russia continues to pressure NATO and to threaten Ukraine. They continue to prop up the Assad regime in Syria and have flown fighter jets out of Iran to go on bombing runs. China has built islands in the South China Sea precisely designed for use as staging areas for their military. The rise of China and Russia is becoming a major destabilizing force in the world.

Iran and North Korea are also growing threats and looking at becoming much more destabilizing to the world. The Obama administration made a fateful decision, and negotiated a nuclear weapons deal with Iran. They gave Iran millions of dollars and the complete confidence to continue on their path to having a nuclear weapons arsenal sooner rather than later. Iran has become much more aggressive after the deal, taking United States servicemen hostage and running gunboats at American naval vessels. They know that President Obama is weak and ineffective, thus, they can continue to push the envelope and show their people that America can't bully Iran anymore. North Korea has also increasingly antogonized the United States and ignored the calls to cease their nuclear weapons ambitions. They continue to test-fire missiles and no doubt are collaborating with Iran on perfecting the delivery systems. If North Korea and Iran become fully nuclear weapons ready and functional, it makes our world extremely dangerous and unsafe.

The intent of this piece is to draw attention to our failed foreign policy approach and offer a logical and realistic alternative. The approach of the Obama administration has actively made our world as dangerous as it has been in fifty years. We need to seriously strengthen our military and upgrade our platforms. The longer we wait to rebuild our military, the more we put ourselves in jeopardy. We need to get back to a position of strength and make a concerted effort to confront evil nations. Peace through strength is a foreign policy approach that is effective and needed now, more than ever. The people on the Left will always say that America is not the policeman of the world. I counter that argument, and say if America doesn't stand up and fill the role of policeman, then who will? The United Nations? The UN has historically been a failure in maintaining peace and deterring aggressors and rogue nations. What other nation is capable of filling that role? The truth is, there isn't one. The United States is uniquely equipped and has historically kept the world relatively safe. We are now seeing the results of how a weakened America leads to a much more dangerous and chaotic world. Without a strong America, you get Russia and China filling that vacuum. Does that bring you peace and comfort? Does a world with a nuclear North Korea and Iran bring you peace of mind? Foreign policy decisions can kill us. Better stated, a failed foreign policy approach and continuing to push that approach will inevitably lead us, and the world, to disaster.


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