A Season Of Change Or Business As Usual?

The election results from Tuesday caught many by surprise. Thanks to a very biased mainstream media and inaccurate polls, many people had just assumed Mrs. Clinton was going to become the first woman President of the United States. Few pundits and political savvy prognosticators saw the electorate as angry or dissatisfied enough to turn over the tables in the temple. Alas, the Silent Majority spoke loud and clear Tuesday night. The voters in "fly over country" saw the political pendulum swing too far to the left and were angry and scared enough by the prospects of a President Clinton to punch the ballot for Donald Trump. Many people finally reached the point of actually getting out and voting to change the direction of our republic. They have become sick and tired of the career politicians and business as usual in Washington. To those voters, a lot of which hadn't voted in years due to being apathetic, Donald Trump was seen as an outsider and an agent of change. So is this a real season of change we are set to experience, or merely a mirage in which we get fooled again?

One need only harken back to the midterm elections in 2014, to be weary of campaign promises. The Republicans ran on a campaign of defeating Obamacare and rolling back the executive orders of President Obama. They sold the conservative voters on a list of promises that they would deliver, if we just gave them control of Congress. The voters did just that, and the Republicans then failed miserably to even deliver one of the many promises they made. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner quashed the conservative wing of the Republican Party at every turn. The voters were sold a bill of goods, yet again, and left feeling angry and even more frustrated with both parties in Washington.

The failures of the GOP led directly to the meteoric rise of Mr. Trump. He rode a wave of anger and discontent from a fed-up electorate, who had grown increasingly used by the Republican Party elites. The moderates and RINO's, Republican In Name Only, disenfranchised the conservatives and evangelicals and inevitably led to this revolt. Now, the stakes are extremely high for all involved, conservative voters, Republicans, and Donald Trump.

What conservative thinkers, like myself, are seeking, is a laundry list of issues to be dutifully addressed. They include repealing Obamacare, strengthening our borders and working on comprehensive immigration reform, reigning in spending and working on a balanced budget ammendment, strengthening our military, effectively fighting Islamic terrorism, eliminating federal agencies like the Department of Education and the EPA, cutting taxes and reigning in the IRS, growing this stagnant economy, and working on ending the Iranian Nuclear Deal that President Obama negotiated. These are only a few of the top priorities that need to be dealt with by the incoming administration. This is the last chance to try and fix many of the issues ailing our republic. The can cannot be kicked down the road anymore.

Many people have bought into Mr. Trump and have poured their entire faith and trust in him. It is imperative that both, Trump and Congress, effectively fight and lead on these issues. We will be watching closely and will hold their feet to the fire. The time for broken promises and career politicians is over. Washington needs to understand the message that was sent by voters across the Heartland on Tuesday. The games are over and we are playing for keeps. Let's hope that the new boss isn't the same as the old boss. We need to be certain this time that we aren't fooled again. Our republic has too much to lose, and this is the last chance to save it for our children and grandchildren. We truly need this season of change to be real and not merely a mirage hiding business as usual.


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