Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Trump Derangement Syndrome?

I, like I am sure most of you, have been closely following the Presidential candidates as this campaign season rolls along, and I have been quite intrigued by the Donald Trump phenomenon.  At first glance, I must say I was curious, to see how his demeanor and ideas would fit in on the Republican race.  I was keeping an open mind and figured he was a successful businessman and showman who has never held a political office position.  A different breed of man and outside of the establishment.

As the months have gone on, I have increasingly observed and shared with folks, that Mr. Trump is a progressive liberal Democrat from New York City and far from being a conservative.   From his close relationship and donations to the Clinton Foundation, to his picture with Rev. Al Sharpton, to his support of eminent domain, to his support of ethanol subsidies, to Senator Harry Reid pulling for him, and the list goes on and on.  He is definitely a good showman and a made for TV star in this reality TV era, but his thin-skin bombastic temperament and narcissistic, arrogant personality, make him ill-equipped to be President of the United States.

I have browsed the Web and social media and shared facts and the truth with Trump supporters, only to be told facts don't matter.  I have been quite stunned at the pure admiration and love supporters show for Mr. Trump.  It has become increasingly more vocal and vile and hateful towards conservative and liberal thinkers alike.

I am a historian and a true student of history and politics, and I can't stop thinking about the images of thousands of people who saluted another narcissistic little man at the Nuremberg Rally in 1930's Germany.   He too was a populist candidate who prayed on the fears and emotions of the German people to further his own agenda.  That same fervor and blind loyalty and following is being seen in the Trump folks today.  They have bought in to a snake oil salesman hook, line, and sinker and no facts or truth can dissuade them.

Is it just political excitement for a candidate or is it truly Trump Derangement Syndrome?


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