The Left's Double Standard

I wrote a piece several weeks ago entitled, The Inconsistency Of The Left. In it, I highlighted how the progressive crowd is in full support of a woman's right to choose to have an abortion but they want to restrict that same woman from having a gun to protect herself and her family. On one hand they champion an individual's liberty and on the other they champion the rights of the collective and throw away individual liberty. The Left pick and choose as they go depending on what fits their needs at the time. Not surprising then that this double standard is also applied to people in the entertainment industry as well. With the Roseanne Barr story fresh and the ink still not dry we get another celebrity who has given us a chance to see this glaring double standard.

Samantha Bee is a comedian on a late-night television show called, Full Frontal, which airs on TBS. Many may not even know her but she is surely screaming for more attention. She called Ivanka Trump a "feckless c-word" on TV and went on to say, "Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your father to f-ing stop it!". Obviously she was implying in a not so subtle way that Ivanka should appeal to her father in a sexual manner. It begs the question, what makes this so funny? At what point do you cross the line from comedy bit to just nasty raw hatred? Can you make a point without being completely disrespectful and uncouth?

The answer is that liberals have a seething hatred for President Trump and his family and they can't control it no matter where they are or what they are doing. Samantha Bee won't face any harsh consequences because to the progressive crowd she is not out of line. Had she said the same thing about Chelsea Clinton or President Obama's daughters then that would have been another story indeed. The mainstream media would have been completely unhinged.

So here is the real crux of the matter. Roseanne is free to say and tweet anything she wishes and ABC is free to fire her as well. The double standard comes when ABC/Disney/ESPN hires back Keith Olbermann to work. Olbermann has had a long storied history of vile Twitter rants that would be characterized as just plain psychotic and unhinged. They clearly know this and yet have no problem placing him back on ESPN. The powers that be at ABC/Disney also continue to keep Joy Behar on The View given her numerous comments and thoughts that have been quite offensive. There is absolutely no problem firing Roseanne for her comments. Why then also not fire Ms. Behar as well and choose to decline hiring Mr. Olbermann? One can safely assume that Olbermann and Behar actively reflect the views and opinions of the management and staff at Disney Corp and Roseanne doesn't. That is the double standard that is at play here. That is the inconsistency of the Left.

The progressive elites have managed to fashion a sword on one hand and a shield on the other. They have mastered how to use that sword to cut down "hate speech" on one side of the aisle but use a shield to protect that same "hate speech" on their sidelines. The game is tilted in their favor since they own the media landscape for all intents and purposes. This week just highlights this double standard further. The vast majority of Americans see this and the progressive crowd should be concerned they are playing with fire. By tacitly defending and condoning Samantha Bee, Keith Olbermann, and Joy Behar as they admonish Roseanne they are costing themselves votes in the midterms this November. They are digging a far deeper hole of animosity and driving more people away from the Democratic Party. Oh, the liberal base will be energized with the red-meat nasty, vile behavior no doubt. But those independents and Reagan Democrats may just come out in November and vote against Democrats because they are disappointed and disgusted by this seething campaign of hatred. The Left may want to keep in mind the old saying live by the sword and die by the sword.


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