A Supreme Loss

Throughout history, there are many people who have been influential in shaping and guiding the ideals of freedom and liberty.  They have been presidents, legislators, and justices from all walks of life.  The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is not only a loss to his family and friends, but a loss to the American people who he consistently stood up for in his many years on the court.

Justice Scalia was nominated by President Reagan in 1986 and was a consistent conservative constitutionalist for the last thirty years.  A man who believed that the Constitution of the United States of America was to be followed and not reinterpreted as a living document subject to change as political expediency warrented.  He always kept in mind that our founding fathers established a constitutional republic based on free speech and that our freedoms were to be protected from any infringement.  A justice like Mr. Scalia, is quite rare indeed.  Where most try to legislate from the bench, he took to heart that the justices were the referees in this balance of power between the government and the people.

Our country has definitely been blessed with his keen mind and constitutional acumen.  The void he leaves on this Supreme Court is giant.  At a very critical point in our history, his replacement will be extremely important to our future.  If President Obama is allowed to name his replacement and the Republicans fail to stand up for a serious constitutional conservative, then this Supreme Court will tip towards a liberal activist court hell bent on legislating from the bench.  This current president can't be able to leave his liberal mark as a lame duck.  Let's pray that the Republicans in Congress get a backbone for once and fight tooth and nail to honor the memory of Justice Scalia.  He deserves to be replaced by someone who truly honors our founding fathers and our country hangs in the balance.


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