A Time For Choosing

In 1964, Ronald Reagan eloquently gave a speech entitled, "A Time For Choosing ", in which he confronted the growing tentacles of liberalism changing this country.  Listening to the speech over 50 years later, you can't help but think his words ring even truer today.  Just change his numbers and facts he cites, updated to today, and you would be hard pressed to disagree with his logic and arguments. This speech shouts to us from history and given our current presidential campaign, it is as clear cut as ever.  There has never been a more black or white choice than this year.

The stakes are very high and our constitutional republic hangs in the balance.  If you believe that the government knows what is best for you and you want a nanny state that takes care of you from cradle to grave, then Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are your choice.  They will continue to grow government and take away more and more of your freedom and liberty for the good of the downtrodden.  They will definitely appoint very liberal justices who will legislate from the bench and whittle away your 2nd Ammendment rights.  You will find the America you grew up in has been replaced by a socialist government where the elite ruling class controls your every thought and move.  You will get the government that you vote for and find out what a bleak world it is when your freedom is gone.

If you still believe in what our founding fathers fought so hard to establish over 200 years ago and believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will be your choices.  If you want at least a chance to roll back the advances of liberalism and have a hope and a prayer of retaining some sort of freedom and liberty, then the Republican nominee will be your only option.  If you believe in capitalism and the free-market economy and know that it is still the best way to go from being poor to rich if you put in some hard work and effort, then your choice is clearly the conservative.  If you believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and believe in limited government and a society that is vibrant and able to enjoy a level of wealth and happiness, then you have only one choice.

This election is the choice between socialism and capitalism.  It is the choice between freedom and liberty or a ball and chains.  It is an election for all three branches of government and the future of our republic.  This election is our last chance to stem the tide and have any hope of reclaiming the dream that Washington and Jefferson and Adams fought for.  If we choose wisely, then we still have a chance to be a great nation once again.  If we choose wrong, then we will most certainly wind down a road that is dark and foreboding, and from which there will be no turning back.  Choose wisely my fellow Americans.  Our republic is at stake.


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