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The Whitewashing Of History

Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee might be a bit miffed if they were alive today. The City of New Orleans has decided to remove their statues. Why you ask? The city officials see these statues not as historical markers from the Civil War, but as markers to slavery and racism. Mayor Mitch Landrieu said: "We have not erased history. We are becoming part of the city's history by righting the wrong image these monuments represent and crafting a better, more complete future for all our children and for future generations." But are they crafting a better and more complete future? Aren't they erasing and whitewashing an era in American history that needs to be remembered and learned from? So what is history? Simply stated, history is the study and record of past events. It carries no prejudices. It is a complete compilation of facts, figures, and people who lived before us. History should be purely objective. Unfortunately, depending on who is writing the history bo