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Socialism: The Big Lie

With the excitement and euphoria surrounding Sen. Bernie Sanders, especially from younger people, I often ponder why does socialism continue to lure in people. After years of historical evidence and the clear failure of the socialist ideology in numerous countries you would think it would be laughed off in a New York minute. And especially in America, where our founding fathers set up a constitutional republic, escaping the tyranny of a king. Yet, we find a self-proclaimed socialist in Bernie Sanders, drawing crowds of screaming fans, especially Millenials. Why? I have pondered this now for several weeks, and it is not a simple answer. I do believe part of it is due to our education system, which is constituted of a majority of liberals, shaping and molding the minds of our youth to the acceptance and positives of socialism. Since the 1960's the Left has managed to work their way into the education system at every level and been able to rewrite our history and reshape our you

My Iowa Caucus Predictions

The Iowa Caucus is Monday, and I am going to make my best guess predictions.  I don't really trust much of the polling, since most of the polls vary in sample size and methodology.  I am basing my predictions off of some gut instincts and a keen mind. Republican Party:  1) Ted Cruz                                    2) Marco Rubio                                    3) Donald Trump                                    4) Ben Carson Democrat Party:     1) Bernie Sanders                                    2) Hillary Clinton I think and have knowledge from people in Iowa, that Ted Cruz has the strongest ground game and network of all the candidates.  That is especially important in Iowa, since it is a caucus.  There are 99 counties in Iowa and thus 99 caucuses, one in each county.  A solid network of supporters to sway caucus goers is essential to getting the most votes.  I think Ted Cruz will get the win Monday night.  I think Marco Rubio will get a surprising second due to th

Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Trump Derangement Syndrome? I, like I am sure most of you, have been closely following the Presidential candidates as this campaign season rolls along, and I have been quite intrigued by the Donald Trump phenomenon.  At first glance, I must say I was curious, to see how his demeanor and ideas would fit in on the Republican race.  I was keeping an open mind and figured he was a successful businessman and showman who has never held a political office position.  A different breed of man and outside of the establishment. As the months have gone on, I have increasingly observed and shared with folks, that Mr. Trump is a progressive liberal Democrat from New York City and far from being a conservative.   From his close relationship and donations to the Clinton Foundation, to his picture with Rev. Al Sharpton, to his support of eminent domain, to his support of ethanol subsidies, to Senator Harry Reid pulling for him, and the list goes on and on.  He is definitely a good showman and a mad

Conservative Thinker

I call myself a conservative thinker, but many people don't understand what that means.  I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.  I believe in a government that was set up to have a limited central government.  I believe in federalism.  I believe in free-market capitalism.  I believe in national sovereignty.  I believe in low taxes and allowing people to prosper and pursue happiness.  I believe in liberty and the freedom to choose your path in life.  I believe in the 2nd Ammendment.  I believe in a strong America that drills for its own oil and is energy independent. I believe in peace through strength, meaning a strong America, both economically and militarily, capable of standing up for freedom and liberty anywhere and anytime. I am a conservative thinker and those are my core guiding principles.