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When The Thought Police Come Calling

  The thought police are alive and well and coming to your house, if you are a conservative thinker that is. Twitter decided to use their iron fist after the U.S. Capitol events to begin purging conservative accounts on their social media platform. Google and Apple decided to ban Parler from their app download stores on smartphones. Yes, Big Tech wants everyone to know they are the enforcers of what constitutes legitimate thought and what is deemed hate speech. Welcome to George Orwell's "1984". He should have entitled it, "2021".  This should send chills down your spine. Some will say these are businesses and thus they are allowed to choose who is on their various platforms. It's not a free speech issue they say and it doesn't bother them at all. While Twitter and Facebook are perfectly free to purge their users under their user agreements it should be a warning of what is to come. Remember Big Tech companies control much of the internet. These platform