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An Intricate Russian Game Or Something More Sinister?

Most magicians will tell you that the real key to being successful is getting people to look one way long enough so you can use your sleight of hand to pull off your magic act. They will tell you that it is extremely important to control and direct your audience by capturing their attention and fostering a genuine interest. Barack Obama and the Democrats seem to have taken a page or two from the magician playbook. Over the last few months, you would be hard pressed not to have heard about the Russians hacking and meddling in the election. It seems everywhere you look these days there is another news story that continues to keep the American people focused on the Russians and their supposed ties to the Trump administration. It definitely makes for exciting and exhilarating news. But like a magic act, the real story is not where the magician is directing your attention, rather it is behind the scenes and in the darkness where the truth lies. For all the hype and media buzz, the trut