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Churchill's Three Simple Truths Of History

What is truth? That seems like a difficult question to answer these days. We are living in an era where truth seems hard to define. Truth is defined as a verified or indisputable fact, principle, proposition, or the like. History shows us truths that generation after generation fail to understand and acknowledge. Winston Churchill recognized three simple truths years ago and it behooves us to learn them in our present world in which we live. Failing to learn these historical truths only makes our current world that much more dangerous than it need be. So what are these three simple truths of history? 1) Socialism Sucks Yes, this may be blunt, but it seems to be the best way to drive the point home. History has shown us time and time again that socialism has been a complete and utter failure everywhere it has been tried. Venezuela is just the latest example of how a country once rich in oil and natural resources squandered it by pursuing the socialist ideology. The list is l