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Symptoms Of A Great National Malaise

  There is a great malaise that is prevalent throughout America. It's growing deeper and stronger with each passing day. There are some of us who recognize this and are awake. Unfortunately, many others are ignorant and apathetic. This sickness is a spiritual and intellectual disease. Take a look around. On any given day you will find news stories filled with examples of the depravity and licentiousness that eat away at the soul of our republic.  This past week the voters of Ohio came to the polls to approve Issue 1 which moved the line for a legal abortion from 21 weeks and six days to 40 weeks. There are eight million registered voters in Ohio but only slightly more than two million that actually cast ballots. Thus, only one in four registered Ohio voters decided for the entire state. The proponents put this on the ballot on an off-election year rather than next year for a presidential election for obvious reasons. One cannot blame them for being shrewd and taking advantage of vo