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An American Tragedy

A tragedy is defined as a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one involving the downfall of the main character. That main character is typically brought down by his/her own flaws, which usually tend to be ordinary human flaws. Given America's current political landscape there are numerous words that could be chosen to describe how a once great constitutional republic has found itself in the midst of a Bolshevik revolution. Ironic, for a country who fought against fascism and communism, that it now finds those same fascistic winds blowing in the land of the free. However ironic it is, tragic most aptly sums up how America has fallen due to its own flaws. Those flaws include ignorance, apathy, a broken moral compass, a loss of patriotism, and a distinct move away from God.     Just forty years ago, Ronald Reagan ushered in an American revival. After the dark malaise of the Carter years, he infused a shot of patriotism and energy that reinvigorate

The Abject Failure Of Nixon's China Policy

On February 21st, 1972 President Richard Nixon arrived in China for a historic eight-day trip. He was taking a risky gamble. But in Nixon's mind it was a gamble worth taking. Nixon wrote: "The world cannot be safe until China changes. Thus our aim, to the extent that we can influence events, should be to induce change. The way to do this is to persuade China that it must change: that it cannot satisfy its imperial ambitions." He had three main goals. First, opening up China would give the United States more flexibility on the world scene. Second, it would provide the U.S. more leverage against the Soviet Union and get their attention. Third, he hoped it would help in resolving the Vietnam War and provide for a way to pull out and save face. Ultimately, Nixon didn't get his wish on Vietnam. China continued to provide arms, materials, and fighters to the North Vietnamese leading America to a humiliating retreat. He fared much better though on his goal of gaini

A Wake Up Call

January 2nd, 2020 started off like any other workday for me. When I woke up at 5am I had no idea that God would deliver me a wake-up call some five hours later. I showered and shaved as usual and got myself dressed for work. Fixed some sandwiches and packed my lunch for a full day of stops doing pest control work. I drove to Huntsville, Alabama and arrived at the Target Distribution Center around 7:45am. I did my inspection of the facility and around 10:30am I ended up back in my work truck to type up my report on my phone. That's when God sent me a personal wake-up call. My phone dropped from my right hand and my right arm went numb and dead. My entire right-side of my body was numb. My right-side of my face began twitching and my speech was slurred. I recognized the signs. I was having a stroke. It lasted for ten to fifteen minutes. I had no choice but to ride it out until it finally subsided. After I felt feeling slowly coming back I decided to get out of my truck and se