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What If...

As a student of history and politics my opinion has always been that America has freedom and liberty in the DNA of the people. Compared to a country like Germany, for example, where the people have been more accustomed to kings and strong government control, America has had a rich tradition of rugged individualism and independence. My thought has been one where the idea of socialism ever becoming vogue in our republic was largely laughable. But what if that basic assumption is wrong? What if that particular gene in the blood of Americans has been gradually removed over the last one hundred years, generation after generation? What if the progressive crowd has been largely successful in reshaping and indoctrinating Americans to be more open and receptive to the socialist ideology? What if the American people have been steadily weaned off of critical thought and common sense? What if ignorance and apathy are so pervasive in our republic that people just don't know or don'