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The Liberal Vision For America

All of a sudden, there was a loud knock on the door. "Mrs. Kohler? It is the Education Ministry." Mrs. Kohler had been dreading this day. Her son, Timmy, turned three years old today. In another day, another time, in a more free America, this would have been a happy day filled with cake, balloons, and presents to celebrate his birthday. But today, she woke up sick to her stomach. A visceral pain so deep inside her, she thought she was dying. She thought she might as well be dying. The Education Ministry was at her door to take Timmy away. "Mrs. Kohler, please open this door!" She wanted to run away and hide. But where? There were too many people who would turn her in. Oh, how this country had changed. She had always supported the Democrat Party. She now regretted it. If only she had listened to the people who had warned everyone about heading into tyranny. Too late now, she thought, as she opened her door. "You do know why we are here, don't you?"

The Three Crusaders

‘You in the West,’ said an Hungarian poet, ‘have a special duty because you are free. That freedom is both a blessing and a burden. For it makes you spiritually responsible for the whole of humanity.’ He was right. For if we do not keep alive the flame of freedom that flame will go out, and every noble ideal will die with it. It is not by force of weapons but by force of ideas that we seek to spread liberty to the worlds oppressed.                     Margaret Thatcher ~ 1983 God has a way of placing special people in our lives, both in our personal lives and on the world stage. Throughout history, there have been numerous people who have been truly special leaders and statesmen. It is not unusual to find one in a particular decade of history. If you manage to get two such unique statesmen in one decade, count it a blessing. But it is quite rare indeed, when you get three such individuals on the world stage at the same time. The decade of the 1980's brought three such peop