The Liberal Vision For America

All of a sudden, there was a loud knock on the door. "Mrs. Kohler? It is the Education Ministry." Mrs. Kohler had been dreading this day. Her son, Timmy, turned three years old today. In another day, another time, in a more free America, this would have been a happy day filled with cake, balloons, and presents to celebrate his birthday. But today, she woke up sick to her stomach. A visceral pain so deep inside her, she thought she was dying. She thought she might as well be dying. The Education Ministry was at her door to take Timmy away. "Mrs. Kohler, please open this door!" She wanted to run away and hide. But where? There were too many people who would turn her in. Oh, how this country had changed. She had always supported the Democrat Party. She now regretted it. If only she had listened to the people who had warned everyone about heading into tyranny. Too late now, she thought, as she opened her door. "You do know why we are here, don't you?" She answered somberly, "Yes, I know why." President Clinton had enacted by executive order, roughly five years ago now, that all children would be turned over to the State on their third birthday. It was decided, and shown through some research study from UC-Berkley, that parents were ill-equipped to raise and teach their kids, and thus, the State was to teach and train them from the age of three until they graduated from college. "But, can you make an exception?", asked Mrs. Kohler. "We understand your concern and apprehension, Mrs. Kohler, we truly do. You will be able to see Timmy every other weekend and on some select holidays. It really is for the greater good and in the best interest of your son." Her heart was breaking and she couldn't hold back her tears any longer as she hugged Timmy tightly. "We must go now, Ma'am." As they took her son and closed the door behind them, she thought to herself, I have his best interest in mind, not the State. She thought, what have we done to get here?

Michelle Obama, in her speech at the Democrat Party Convention, said, "This election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives." Chilling words for anyone who is a parent today with kids in schools across our land. In the view of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrat Party, it is government's duty and role to shape your children from early childhood and pre-kindergarten, all the way through college. It is designed to indoctrinate them with political correctness and liberal thoughts and train them to be more tolerant and open-minded. That means trying to remove common sense analysis and critical thinking as much as possible from the minds of children. For, in their minds, parents can't be trusted to teach and raise their own children anymore.

The little story that started this piece may seem too far-fetched and a bit extreme, but, it is becoming increasingly more of a real proposition. The question that needs to be asked, especially of parents, is this the vision you want to see fulfilled in our republic? Do you have complete faith and trust in the State to train and mold your children or do you believe that you have the ultimate best interest of your son or daughter? The education of our children is essential in maintaining a healthy and vibrant republic. Indoctrination of them through public school board decisions and our educational system is a serious issue that voters need to think about when they step in the voting booth. The future of our children and our republic hangs in the balance. Elections have consequences and that includes local elections and school board choices. Choose wisely, my fellow Americans.


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