A Grand Ole Pilfering

I am not sure if my title is quite the right choice of words, but please bear with me as I lay out my argument.  To pilfer means to steal or take something and usually it is of a small value.  The value of these items pilfered has no monetary value, but their value is more important in a moralistic sense.  So what exactly am I referring to?

For too many years now, the GOP has pilfered the trust and faith of conservatives and evangelicals and has inevitably led us to the rise of Donald Trump.  They have consistently pandered and played to the conservative wing of the Republican Party by promising to adhere to the platform of the party and effect change in exchange for our votes.  They have used and abused that faith and trust over a good number of years now to the point where the well is dry.  By offering up a string of moderate Republican presidential candidates from Bob Dole to John McCain to Mitt Romney and diminishing any real conservative as a small minority who needs to sit in the corner and be quiet, they have alienated a large number of people.  By selling us on the idea of a vote for them is a vote to stop Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, wasteful spending, and the Iranian Nuclear Deal, and then once in control of Congress, failing to follow through on their promises, they have angered and frustrated an electorate who has had enough.  Their constant promises and failures on numerous policy issues has amounted to them spending all their capital.  The go along to get along mantra of the GOP has been an utter failure.

Now enter your loud, obnoxious, narcissistic, arrogant, brash carnival showman who plays on those disappointed and disaffected people by telling them what they long to hear.  He isn't a politician or a conservative, but it doesn't matter.  He hits a nerve and comes along at the right time in history to "make America great again".  He sells them his special brand of nationalism and gins them up in a fervor.  The momentum grows and grows until he rides it to the White House.  And where does that leave a real conservative like Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz is the collateral damage in this pilfering.  He is tarred and feathered and tarnished by not only Donald Trump, but by Marco Rubio and the rest of the Republican Party.  When we finally have a true conservative thinker as a candidate after so many years of moderates, he is marginalized as a whacko.  He is called a liar and not even a legal citizen to run for president.   The people have had their faith and trust so totally pilfered by the GOP, they can't and won't buy into the Ted Cruz vision.

The damage is done and the question is whether or not the lessons are learned.  The GOP, by abandoning their conservative platform and voters, have led us to Donald Trump.  This upcoming election is a reflection of the failures of the Republican Party.  The GOP only need look in the mirror and see what the results are of their Grand Ole Pilfering.


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