Liberalism Exposes Its Heart Of Darkness

As we move into a new year, it is good to look back and learn from this past year. After a very long and grinding political campaign, there are some important takeaways that need to be noted. For many years now, liberals have taken the moral high ground and deemed themselves to be much more compassionate, understanding, open-minded, and genuinely more accepting and diverse than conservatives. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The last few months have exposed a real heart of darkness that lies at the core of liberalism. There are two major ways it has manifested itself.

The first way is that liberals can't and won't accept personal responsibility. From Hillary Clinton on down to the average base liberal, we have seen this constant and consistent blame game. The intent is to shift the focus from the real reasons Hillary lost the election to Donald Trump, and go down a road of setting up paper tigers. Those paper tigers include such fanciful follies as Russian hacking, fake news, angry white men, voting irregularities, and FBI Director James Comey. All of which sound menacing and plausible, but quickly fall apart when examined more closely. The truth is Mrs. Clinton lost because she was a seriously flawed candidate. She failed to convince many voters that she was genuine and honest. She had thirty years of baggage and scandals that couldn't be ignored, as hard as the media and the left tried to sweep it under the rug. Unfortunately, Hillary and liberals can't look in the mirror and honestly take the blame. It isn't in their spirits to do that. It is much easier to blame others for your failures, than to be introspective and assess your flaws and then act in a way to go about changing them.

The second way is the pure hatred and close-minded spirit that has been exposed so openly. The veil has been lifted from the liberals face, only to expose a very ugly visage. From the #notourpresident on Twitter to riots and demonstrations in the streets, the genuine vitriol spewed by the left since the election has been eye-opening. We have seen this in the past from liberals, but Mr. Trump seems to have found a way to truly bring out an even greater evil than any other person has. His demeanor and personality rubs the left the wrong way, and they genuinely explode. The rantings and ravings of liberals from Michael Moore, Joy Behar, Madonna, Ashley Judd, and several other celebrities, have shown a clear inability to be understanding and open to change.

It says in the bible that you shall know them by the fruit of their spirit. The tree of liberalism bears rotten and spoiled fruit. At the core of liberalism is a heart of darkness and it is based in envy and jealousy. Liberalism is a worldview that wants to always blame others and redistribute the wealth. It is a tree that entices the poor and downtrodden to come and partake from its fruit, only to find out that it is far from nourishing. That fruit it bears, and that many eat, leads to a soul of darkness. For the tree of liberalism is a tree of death and destruction. Those of us who are nourished at the tree of life see it plainly. Many more have awakened to this truth over the last couple of months. The larger lesson is that many liberals fail to see their tree in the light of truth, and thus the future of the Democratic Party and liberalism looks bleaker by the day. If they continue to play their blame game and spew their poisonous venom for the next four or eight years of a Trump presidency, they run the risk of letting that heart of darkness consume not only themselves, but also their party and any future hope of gaining power again.


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