The Real Danger Of The Flynn Ordeal

When the news broke that Michael Flynn had resigned from the position of national security adviser, the loud cheers from those on the left were deafening. They managed to torpedo one of President Trump's closest advisers. If you listened to the mainstream media and print journalists over this incident, you would be led to believe Flynn had done something highly illegal and it was a major scandal. The old saying is, where there is smoke, there is fire. But is that true in this case? Behind every headline is a story and behind every story there is so much to talk about. So let's go beyond the headlines and the false narratives and get to the real story that should be very concerning to most Americans.

The story is that Flynn made a call to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the end of December. Roughly the same day or so that the Obama administration placed sanctions on Russia in relation to supposed Russian interference and meddling in the November elections. There is nothing remotely illegal or out of line by such a call by an incoming administration member. Transcripts show that he didn't make any promises that the incoming Trump administration would lift the sanctions, but more vaguely and generally, informed the ambassador that they would examine those sanctions and give them a second look. Flynn wasn't acting under any orders from President Trump and there is absolutely no evidence that this call was anything other than a courtesy call to extend pleasantries. Flynn felt the intense pressure from the media and decided to spare the Trump White House any more heat on this and offered up his resignation. So where is the real story here?

The real story is twofold. In the first month of the Trump presidency, there have been several attempts by the mainstream media to make mountains out of molehills. From the Kellyanne Conway controversy on telling people to go out and buy Ivanka Trump's clothing line to the Flynn ordeal, the media has decided to take relatively minor incidents and blow them up into major scandals that demand hearings and punishment. This is the exact same press that made molehills out of mountains during the last eight years of the Obama presidency. From the IRS scandal to the Fast and Furious gun running to Mexican drug lords to Benghazi, there were major scandals that fell right at the door of the White House. Yet, the media did their best to tamp them down and make sure there was nothing to see. See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. That was precisely the mantra of the mainstream media and print journalists under the Obama administration.

The second story here is definitely the most troubling. It is quite obvious that there is a mole, or several moles, in the government and intelligence community that have no problem leaking private and confidential information to a very eager and hungry mainstream media. There have been numerous leaks in the first month of the Trump presidency and it is very dangerous and concerning. Who, or how many, are leaking this information? One can guess these are Obama cronies or other people who are not fans of the new president and wish to subvert and delegitimize  his presidency. This not only looks bad in the eyes of the American people, but also looks bad throughout the rest of the world. These constant and numerous leaks are more common in a police state than a constitutional representative republic. That should send chills down the spines of every citizen in our republic. President Trump needs to find these leakers and weed them out quickly.

The real danger of the Flynn ordeal is not his phone call to Russian Ambassador Kislyak. No, the real danger is at the heart of this story. Go beyond the headlines and the false narratives and you find something much more alarming and sinister. The real story is that there are wolves at the door eager to bring down this new president before he even has a fair chance to help straighten out our dying republic. These wolves include the mainstream media and print journalists, the Democratic Party, George Soros and his many front groups, the liberal base, and even people in the Republican Party. The dark truth is that they will stop at nothing to eliminate this new president. The left has no problems with moles deep in the bowels of government leaking highly sensitive and private calls and information. To them, even though it is a felony to leak classified information, the ends justify the means. To them, President Trump is evil and thus they need to remove him any way possible. Many thought the vote in November ended this war. Not hardly. This war is a constant one that rages on even more now that the left has lost power. They are a strong and formidable force and they will continue to undermine and obstruct President Trump at every turn. The hard truth is that those same Americans that voted for Mr. Trump in November, some for the first time in twenty or thirty years, better stay awake and engaged in this fight. Our republic still has one foot in the grave and the left wants to put the final nails in the coffin of Lady Liberty. The real danger is that the Silent Majority will fall asleep again and let freedom and liberty die as our republic moves closer and closer to a police state.


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