The Murky Swamp Of Washington

When voters from "Fly Over Country" came out of the woodwork last November to cast a ballot for Donald Trump and a change of course, little did they realize how murky and dangerous the swamp in Washington DC really was. They knew that Mr. Trump would more than likely hit some fierce opposition from the Democrats and maybe some of the establishment Republicans would bellow a bit but nobody could forsee this mess we are now wading through. It has become high political theatre and the media has kept it fully charged and continued to stoke the flames of discord and resistance. Through all the drama one thing is perfectly clear. The Democrats have been effective in stalling and obstructing any legislation to change course.

With a special counsel now being named to head up an independent review and investigation into the Russian hacking and collusion story, the Democrats have bought themselves more time to obstruct and stall. We are headed into summertime and the real chance for any substantive legislation on tax reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and border security is slim. That means we are looking at the fall before Congress makes any real attempt to change course. With the RINO's more than eager to water down any real conservative legislation that might be proposed, we are looking at business as usual in Washington. We could very easily get to the midterms in 2018 with little work done to change the life of the Silent Majority.

The real tragedy here is that our republic is in dire need of real conservative legislation to change direction and that seems highly unlikely. Mr. Trump is far from a conservative thinker and earlier this year went after the Freedom Caucus after they torpedoed his Obamacare replacement bill. The swamp monsters are still in control in DC and the system is still broken. The Democrats, the establishment Republicans, and the mainstream media all are eager to see the voters rebuffed and discouraged from participating in the process. The question is whether or not the Silent Majority will go quietly into the night and throw their hands up in disgust or double down and vote the career politicians and swamp monsters out of the swamp and try to clean up this murky swamp of Washington DC politics.


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