When Is Enough, Enough?

So politicians sold their constituents a bill of lies to get elected again. Stop the presses, I know. Same old, same old. That is the normal reaction by most people in our republic. The question of the day is, when is enough, enough? In case you hadn't heard, seven Republican senators voted against a "Clean Repeal" of Obamacare on Wednesday in the United States Senate. Six of the seven did a flip-flop on repealing the imploding fiasco that is Obamacare. Those six senators are Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. The seventh senator was Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. She voted against repeal of Obamacare back in 2015 as well.

Here are the strong and eloquent words of Sen. John McCain back in 2015:


He ran on repealing Obamacare to get elected again just last year to his sixth term in the United States Senate. So I am curious how the voters of Arizona feel today when they see their "maverick" senator sold them out. I know that Mr. McCain has brain cancer and I am well aware this may come across as harsh under the circumstances, however, it must be said. Does Senator McCain care more about his health than that of his constituents? Most conservatives are well aware that Mr. McCain is a RINO, Republican In Name Only. He is the darling of the mainstream media and one of those people in Congress that pretends to be a Reagan Republican but is a progressive through and through. When is enough, enough Arizona voters?

This is from Sen. Rob Portman's own website:


Mr. Portman calls himself a "Commonsense Conservative" for Ohio. Sounds warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? Makes you want to cast a vote for him because he seems like one of the "good guys" fighting for his constituents. Does he really have your back Ohio or does he just talk a good game and then when the rubber meets the road, he bails on you? Interestingly, just like Sen. McCain, Mr. Portman was reelected this past November for another six years. Do you think he feels "Safe" now? When is enough, enough Ohio voters?

This is from Sen. Lamar Alexander's own website when he was running for reelection:


Mr. Alexander was reelected to the Senate back in 2014 for another six year term. He did face a stiff challenge in the Republican primary last time from Joe Carr, a principled conservative who served in the Tennessee Legislature, but managed to woo enough voters to send him back to Washington and the Club of 100. Sen. Alexander paints himself as a conservative who is solving problems and standing up for Tennessee. But is he a REAL conservative? Does he have a genuine conservative backbone? When push comes to shove, does he stand strong on conservative ideals and principles Tennessee? When is enough, enough Tennessee voters?

This is an op-ed written by Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska on her own website back in September 2014:


The voters in Alaska should be quite concerned with her vote today. She claims she wants to continue to fight for Alaskans on affordable healthcare but her actions don't match her words. Just like Portman and McCain, Sen. Murkowski was reelected to the Senate just last November for another six years as well. Detecting a common theme here? When is enough, enough Alaska voters?

This was Sen. Shelley Moore Capito back in 2015 in a floor speech on repealing Obamacare:


So what's changed Sen. Capito? Was voting to repeal Obamacare back in 2015 just a "show" vote? Sen. Capito was elected to the Senate back in 2014 after being a United States Representative in Congress since 2002. Does she have the best interest of the West Virginia voters in mind or is it just politics as usual to keep herself comfortable in Washington? When is enough, enough West Virginia voters?

People always ask, what can we do? Well, to the people of Tennessee, Alaska, Ohio, West Virginia, and Arizona, you can make a conscious decision to circulate literature on your senators and target them for removal from their Senate seats. Does it take effort, yes. Does it take time, yes. If you are mad enough and serious about taking an active role in changing Congress and Washington, then this is your call to duty. To the people of Nevada, Sen. Dean Heller is up for reelection in 2018. You need to find some real principled conservative statesmen to run against him in the primary. Only by eliminating these RINO's and replacing them with solid principled conservative statesmen can we begin to take back our republic. This is where the rubber meets the road my friends. The question for the voters of these particular states and for the voters of every state in our union is when is enough, enough?


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