Who Was The Real Winner In Alabama?

Yes, Democrat Doug Jones defeated Judge Roy Moore in the special election this past week in Alabama. One would assume that Jones and the Democratic Party were the big winners and that President Trump and Judge Moore were the big losers. If you listened to the mainstream media and the political elites that would be the general consensus. But that is not the best analysis. No, the real winner in Alabama was the weaponizing of allegations to tar and feather an innocent man. There is a difference between allegations and evidence. There were numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct thrown at Judge Moore but little signs of any real solid evidence. Unlike in a court of law, in the High Court of Public Opinion you are considered guilty until proven innocent. That becomes a far more difficult threshold for an accused person to overcome when the media runs out a plethora of accusers and pundits to infer you are guilty as charged. Yes, in this court, jumping to conclusions is what they do. Judge Moore was tried, convicted, sentenced, and hung for all to see. There are a few reality checks to learn here in Alabama and they must be pointed out.

The first reality check is that the bag of dirty tricks worked in a very conservative state to defeat a real conservative candidate. If you can defeat a conservative in Alabama by making allegations then one can safely assume this will work in other states too. Roy Moore had a twenty point lead on Jones before the allegations and ended up losing by less than two points. That is quite a swing in the pendulum. Some 20,000 people wrote in someone else on the ballot and many other conservative Christians just stayed home and didn't vote. If you are happy this election is finally over and thinking this is the end of this kind of dirty tricks circus act, think again. You will definitely see more of this in 2018 in a crucial year of midterm elections. The next hit job is already being formulated against another "extreme far right" candidate. That candidate is Dr. Kelli Ward out in Arizona. She is running to replace Sen. Jeff Flake and it is already clear that the establishment Republicans are scheming to bring her down like they did Roy Moore. Here is a piece from Newsweek that should give you some insight into how the game is being played to discredit and destroy real conservative candidates who dare to upset the establishment Republican apple cart.


The second reality check is even more essential for people to understand. The establishment Republicans are just as dangerous to our republic as the Democrats, maybe even more so. At least with the Democratic Party you know that they are socialists and are quite clear in their beliefs and policies. Their goal is to turn our republic into a socialist/communist state. They follow their party platform and are committed to executing this fundamental transformation of America at all costs. The establishment Republicans are wolves in sheep's clothing. They run election after election on being conservatives to pander for votes but are just playing the voters in order to get back to Washington and maintain the status quo. They are perfectly content keeping things as they are. This first year of the Trump presidency has shown that to be true. There has been no Obamacare repeal and replace, no wall started on the border, no cuts in spending, and the tax reform legislation is just now working through Congress and isn't much more than a Republican version of redistribution of wealth. Sen. Mitch McConnell and his boys despise real conservative legislation and real conservative statesmen. Roy Moore was a threat to their power and control and had to be destroyed. That should be crystal clear now.

The third reality check is the most important one of all. This is essential to understand and completely comprehend. There is a war raging on for the soul of our republic. Roy Moore and President Trump are the ones who have been targeted to destroy. But the real truth is that the establishment Republicans, Democrats, and the George Soros types despise you. Yes, you in the heartland of America. Those of you who are Tea Party patriots, constitutional conservatives, evangelical Christians, and libertarians are the real target and enemy of their hatred. You rose up to elect President Trump. You threw them an outsider to upset their beloved cabal in Washington. You poked a stick at their hornet nest and have the elitist statist hornets flying around mad and eager to sting anyone who gets in their way. They don't think that you are smart enough to take back this republic. They will continue to use the mainstream media and all their power to quash any conservative revolutionaries. They don't believe you are capable enough to change this course we are on. Understand that you are their prime targets.

Who was the real winner in Alabama? It was the elitist statist political class and their use of weaponizing allegations to change an election. They will continue to do everything in their power to put their types of candidates in offices. The more they can destroy candidates like Judge Roy Moore and Dr. Kelli Ward the easier it is for them to keep their power and control in Washington. The real power rests in Congress and not the White House. If those of us who call ourselves conservatives fail to fight back and put real conservative candidates in Congress to truly make a difference and help clean up the swamp then this republic has no chance of being saved. The 2018 midterms are crucial to trying to wrestle away the control of our republic from the statists and put it back in the hands of we the people. The message that was sent to the conservative people of Alabama was that your voice doesn't matter. The message was also sent to conservative voters in other states. Alabama was a battle we lost. Learn from it my fellow conservative thinkers. Let it be a fire that burns deep inside your souls and use it to fight hard for all the real true conservative candidates running in 2018. The future of our republic hangs in the balance.


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