What Is The Democrats Endgame?

President Trump has been in office now for just over a year and we have heard the same mantra from the Democrats. That narrative is a game of "Blame and Shame". Your game show hosts are a general mix of ne'er-do-wells from the somewhat lucid Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to the more mentally unstable Maxine Waters. It involves such shaming as calling Mr. Trump mentally unstable, unfit for office, colluding with Russia, an illegitimate president, a general obstructionist of justice, a sexual predator, and lest we forget to mention, the new Hitler. Yes, the Democrats are not lacking in their creativity skills. But what is their endgame? Surely, they can't think this game of blame and shame will get them back in power?

History says that the Democrats do have a good chance of gaining seats and momentum in the midterm elections. History is usually a good guide and most bettors in Vegas look for trends. Midterms tend to bring much lower voter turnout than presidential elections and also tend to bring losses in Congress for the party in control of the White House. Here is the historical data:

The Democrats game plan is to suppress as many votes as possible through a continuous game of blame and shame. With midterms already bringing fewer people to vote their hope is to get those voters who are Republicans, constitutional conservatives, independents, evangelical Christians, and Libertarians so fed up and disgusted that they stay home. It is a war of attrition in their minds. It is a reasonable plan of attack when you don't have anything else to run on. The truth is that the Democrats are a party that is devoid of any ideas, character, or moral compass. Their only ideas are that socialism and redistribution of wealth are the path to success. Unfortunately, when you look to California, Illinois, and New York you find that the progressive policies of the Democrats have been a complete and utter failure.

Their plan is going up against an economy that is growing and expanding. The Dow is up to record numbers, unemployment rates are at historic lows, and the new tax cuts will continue to work through the system to undermine the Democrats strategy. People will continue to see these positive impacts in their lives and that President Trump and Republicans have done some good. How much will the positive effects offset the negative blame and shame? That is going to be the interesting thing to watch here.

The wildcard to watch will be the immigration debate. If President Trump and Republicans cave on this issue and give amnesty to illegal aliens then they will lose the midterm elections on two fronts. The first front are those independents and conservatives who came out in big numbers to vote for President Trump will stay home because they will feel their voices were rejected. The immigration reform issue was the biggest part of the Trump platform and giving in to Democrats with a plan of amnesty will push those Trump supporters away from the polls this year. The second front is that amnesty opens up a whole new set of voters to shore up the Democrats voter base. Through a continued game of blame and shame, enthusiastic leftist voters, and illegal alien voters the Democrats will have the momentum to take back power and edge closer to the White House in 2020.

This year is a crucial election year. All you need to do is look back to the 2010 midterms. President Obama and the Democrats pushed through a trillion dollar stimulus package and Obamacare in their first two years of full control. Had the Republicans not made huge gains in the midterms that year we most certainly would have had a cap and trade bill and more rammed through Congress in 2011-12. It will be imperative that conservatives show up and try to shore up the House and Senate. As I have mentioned in previous pieces, the efforts needed to change some of these establishment Republican seats into solid principled conservative seats is critical this year. Congress holds the real power in Washington and the Senate is where we need some serious conservative statesmen to turn the tables. The Democrats are betting on the trends of history and shaming people in the heartland to stay home this year. That is their endgame. The question is will you throw a wrench in their plan like you did in 2016?


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