Why We Need To Reconnect With Our Past

"One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next. This culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear: it's religious faith, it's heroes...when one generation no longer esteems it's own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children, it is saying in essence that the very foundational principles and experiences that make the society what it is are no longer valid. This leaves that generation without any sense of definition or direction, making them the fulfillment of Karl Marx's dictum, 'A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.' What is required when this happens and the society has lost its way, is for leaders to arise who have not forgotten the discarded legacy and who love it with all their hearts. They can then become the voice of that lost generation, wooing an errant generation back to the faith of their fathers, back to the ancient foundations and bedrock values..." 
~ Winston Churchill 

We have all experienced being lost at some point or another in our lives. Whether out on a hike, bike ride, or in a vehicle, when you get lost it is a bit frightening. Then with the aid of a map or a guide you eventually find your way back to the correct path and your home. To those of us who are paying close attention we clearly know our republic has lost its way. It is frightening to see how far we have wandered off the path our founding fathers set us on over two hundred years ago. We have gone from a representative constitutional republic and morphed into an elective despotism with a growing segment of our republic open and receptive to the guiles of socialism. This then begs the question, how did we lose our way?

That isn't an easy question to answer. We have wandered far off the path over decades of time. It begins with we the people who have grown weak over time in attending to our civic duties. We have become quite ignorant and apathetic and have fallen asleep in our critical role of caretakers of this republic. That has led to us electing politicians who have more interest in their own prosperity and power than in being genuine stewards of the republic. The founding fathers never wanted people elected to office to be career politicians. It was merely a civic duty for a term and then back home to your career as a farmer, doctor, lawyer, or whatever other profession you had left to serve in office. Those career politicians have expanded government quite considerably as we have continued from the path of limited government to the path of a welfare state.

The last ingredient in how we lost our way is the systematic assault by the progressive elites on our education system. Since the 1960's the Left has managed to work their way into the education system at every level and been able to rewrite our history and reshape our youth and our republic. By rewriting our past and devaluing our founding fathers and our bedrock values and principles they have cut the ties that bind us. They have pushed God and our founding fathers further and further away through the auspices of political correctness. This hasn't been an accident either. It has been a systematic assault on tearing down those historical heroes and our religious roots to precisely soften the people and open them up to be more easily persuaded in accepting the tenets of socialism. So how do we go about reconnecting with our past and find our way back home to our founding fathers and limited government?

Again, this isn't an easy question to answer. It took us decades to get where we are now in time. It will take decades to get us back on track as well. It begins with we the people. Since we led the way off the correct path we must change course and lead our children and our republic back home to our founding fathers. That means teaching our youth the truth about our founding fathers and the Constitution and lighting a fire in their hearts and minds. That requires a concerted effort by all of us who still love our republic and our bedrock values and principles to step up and be leaders. We need to be a loud and growing voice to drown out those who want to complete the transformation of our republic into a socialist communist state. It requires us to be active players in the game of politics and to take our civic duties seriously. Actively recruiting and voting for real solid principled conservative statesmen to fill political offices and be true leaders to reverse this course. It requires a renewed energy and spirit to teach our glorious historical past and pass along our storied history to the next generations. We need to teach our youth and our fellow citizens that socialism is completely antithetical to our Constitution and all that our founding fathers fought for and established.

Why do we need to reconnect with our past? It is quite simple actually. Our past is our key to fixing what ails our republic. Our founding fathers left us with the map and their words still speak to us from the history books. If we choose to listen and heed their sage advice and directions we can find our way back home and become that vibrant healthy republic once again. It will require those of us who love our republic to make sacrifices in order to lead our children and our fellow citizens from this lost highway. Our past is not to be whitewashed and forgotten like some segments of our society actively seek to do. Our founding fathers entrusted us and future generations with a gift. It is up to you and me to reconnect our lost republic with that past and plug back in to those bedrock values and principles of individual freedom and liberty. If we fail to lead our republic off of this ill-fated path then we will end up in a desert of socialism and tyranny and fail to honor our founding fathers and their unique vision.


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