The Real Conversation Democrats Don't Want To Have

After a week of listening to the talking heads and politicians bloviating on more gun laws, gun buyback programs, red-flag laws, and further curtailing the Second Amendment it has become crystal clear that we have the same conversations everytime there is a mass-shooting in our republic. We never truly have serious conversations about guns and gun violence. This latest massacre is all about politics and using President Trump, the NRA, and "white supremacists" as the boogeymen by Democrats to gain votes and power in the 2020 elections. You can't blame them for trying to deflect from the real conversation they don't wish to have. That real conversation should be about the moral decay in our republic and how moral relativism has led us to this point. How Democrats and the left have played a key role in aiding and abetting this moral decay over the last fifty years.

When you continue to push God further and further away through a virulent and consistent messaging and set of policies by replacing God with government you destroy the roots of the tree of life. In order to kill a tree you must poison the roots. Liberalism has been effectively poisoning the soul of America by trying to eliminate God from every facet of American life and pushing us into this realm of moral relativism where there is no right or wrong. It is all about how you feel. If you are a boy and feel like a woman today then you can use the women's restroom without any consequences. It is a fundamental transformation in mindset from being spiritually plugged in to God and His natural laws of life and moving into compromise and then full rebellion.

When you devalue human life by promoting abortion and infanticide you effectively desensitize people to life and death. When you tell people that white, God-fearing, gun-clinging men are deplorable and evil you create a wedge by fostering racial division. When a mainstream media continues to broadcast vitriolic bile to feed this mindset to people who are lost and confused they are just as complicit in this as the Democrats.

The Democrats with their liberal agenda and worldview have effectively cut those ties that bind us. They have sowed seeds of discontent and divided us through race, class, and religious traditions and beliefs. This hasn't been an accident either. It is about fundamentally destroying this republic piece by piece and generation by generation. By creating hopelessness and despair and then using that to get votes and power you inevitably get people who feel lost in this world. When you eliminate God from being that light and hope to help guide us you create lost and confused souls empty and spiritually bankrupt. That allows those people to be open and receptive to the Devil and evil.

More gun control laws or repealing the Second Amendment aren't the answer here. A gun doesn't have a brain, heart, or soul. It can't just walk into a store or a bar and start shooting people. A gun is a tool like a knife. It requires a human being to use it. In the hands of a person who is of a pure heart, mind, and soul it poses no threat.

The real conversation Democrats don't want to have is about turning back from this moral decay and rot and moving back towards God and a spiritual awakening. If you want to have a serious conversation about why we see these mass shootings then let's have it. Let's address how liberalism has aided and abetted in this moral decay. Let's talk about how liberal policies and their messaging have created this environment of lost and confused young people. Let's talk about how liberalism in its full implementation is like a cancer that eats away at a body. It is a spiritual disorder that has poisoned the soul of our republic. Our moral compass is completely broken. Until we find the guts and heart to have a real serious conversation about why we are at this point we won't stop it. The Democrats don't want to have that conversation because it indicts them on their ideology and worldview. They would much rather talk about curtailing gun rights and implementing feel-good legislation than openly confront the truth that their own policies have led us to a morally and spiritually bankrupt society.


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