My Easter Message

Easter is a time of renewal and a time to reflect on our lives and our world.  We tend to get caught up in our own lives and time passes us by quickly.  In an ever more dangerous and polarized world, we typically fail to acknowledge God and the result is more chaos and discord.  This Easter, I would ask you to take a few moments and truly assess your lives, and if you find yourself unhappy, to seek out the way, the truth, and the light.

We have become a society that has removed God from more and more of our daily lives and replaced him with worldly things. Our founding fathers built this country on God and his hand of protection was placed upon us. George Washington, along with members of the United States Congress, worshipped together at St. Paul's Chapel in Manhattan, on April 30th, 1789. They did so after the Inauguration of our first President of the United States, to thank God for this new republic and ask him for his blessing as they embarked on this grand experiment. God was deeply ingrained in their hearts and minds and souls.

This Easter, we find ourselves far away from that April in 1789, both in time and in spirit. We have allowed moral relativism to creep into our lives and pushed back God more and more as each generation has passed. My Easter message is a simple one. We are a republic that is fractured and needs to be healed in heart, mind, and soul. We need to turn our heads back to God and ask for his forgiveness and to refresh and renew our republic and our lives.  Easter is a day of victory over evil and death and we need to begin living our lives in victory as well.  For once we begin to awaken, to repent, and then renew our lives and our republic, we then can become that shining light on the hill our founding fathers fought and died for.


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