The Left's War On America

For many years now, the media and the Left, which are one in the same, have consistently continued the drumbeat of a vast right-wing conspiracy. They have maintained that the conservative wing in this country is cold-hearted, mean spirited, and full of hate. They couldn't be more wrong. The true hatred lies on the Left. It is a deep hatred based in envy and jealousy. It is a darkness of the heart, mind, and soul. And the vast left-wing conspiracy is a political and cultural threat to our republic. It is a very vocal minority that seeks to cause chaos and anarchy to pressure others to move towards a more socialist society.

When you really talk to liberals and listen to them espouse their ideology and beliefs, you can't help but hear the envy and jealousy bubble up. What is at the heart of socialism? It is the redistribution of wealth and taking from the greedy rich to give to the working proletariat and bring some social and economic justice to society. They always claim that it isn't fair or just for a minority of rich folks to have the good life, while the poor and middle-class people struggle to survive. It is this class warfare that they use as a wedge to create resentment and anger and it is based in envy and jealousy. They want what you and I have, but they aren't willing to work hard to get it. They want it given to them, because they feel it is just and fair.

Now connect the dots. Groups such as Antifa, Move On, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the Muslim Brotherhood are all in bed together, along with George Soros, to sow the seeds of resentment. From targeting a Trump rally in Chicago and Arizona to rioting in Baltimore, MD and Ferguson, MO to rallies throughout the country for a higher minimum wage, you see a common theme. That theme is a political ideology of socialism and anarchy. It is a dangerous mix of class warfare, social injustice, and racial tension specifically designed to disrupt and fracture our republic. It is a cultural and political war against capitalism and all that made America a great nation. They truly hate and despise the America we love and embrace. President Obama ran on hope and change in 2008 and said he would fundamentally change this country if elected. With the aid of these groups, he has increasingly done just that.

What the silent majority has failed to do thus far, is respond back. They have consistently remained silent and watched the Left push harder and more vociferously as the months and years have passed by. I still believe that the majority of people in America don't like the road we are on and are appalled by the Left's attempts to tear down the founding principles and core values we hold dear. Unfortunately, failing to speak up and fight back has helped embolden these liberal extremists and has allowed them to have the upper hand in this war. If we fail to stand up for conservative principles and ideals and continue to allow the Left to go unchallenged, we have only ourselves to blame. This is a war for the hearts, minds, and soul of our republic. It is a struggle of capitalism versus socialism. It is a struggle of freedom and liberty versus tyranny and oppression. It is a war we must wake up to and become engaged in and ultimately win. The stakes are high my friends and the time to stand up is now.


  1. An excellent commentary, Michael! You have said what many believe but, won't say publicly. If the right doesn't stand up and fight back, then Obama has accomplished what he said he would do...change this great nation. However, not for the good, but, for the bad. Our forefathers must be shaking their heads in disbelief.


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