Independence Day Reflections: Has Our Grand Experiment Been Lost?

A republic, if we can keep it. The prophetic words of Benjamin Franklin. Now, more than two hundred years later, on this Independence Day, the reality is that our republic has been lost. By that, I mean the republic our founding fathers established and painstakingly wrote out as a grand experiment. It was a clear and concise forming of a nation unlike any other in the history of the world. Uniquely designed and richly blessed with the hand of God. It was a more perfect union.

Our founding fathers were quite aware of the difference between a democracy and a republic. They established a constitutional republic for a reason.

We are guaranteed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more, nothing less. How each individual chooses to live their life and pursue their own happiness is up to them to decide.

We were one nation under God. God was clearly guiding our founding fathers and they were keenly aware of this divine intervention. Have we now forgotten Him or do we feel we no longer are in need of His guidance, because we are wiser than the Almighty?

We have definitely drifted away from God as each generation has passed. Moral relativism is the prevailing theme in our land today. Is it no wonder then, that our freedom and liberty has also slowly eroded away? Have we not come full circle back to the tyranny that our founding fathers fought so hard to break free from?

The tyranny we have today is not King George III of England. But, in a strange and twisted fate of history, it is the federal government that is the new King George III of today. We have allowed our constitutional republic to morph into a political despotism. This is not what our founding fathers fought for.

Our founding fathers established a constitutional republic based on federalism. The intent was a weak federal government with limited powers, and for States to have their own control of affairs. State's rights were to be numerous and indefinite.

Have we forgotten the reason for this Independence Day? We have gone down a treacherous road back to tyranny. We have allowed ourselves to push away our founding fathers and God, and have decided that we are wiser than them. We have traded in our freedom and liberty and our unique independence, for the chains of tyranny and political despotism. History shows us that republics erode into democracies and democracies will degenerate into despotism. Without diligence and a wholehearted resolve to maintain freedom and liberty, it will be lost. Our ignorance and apathy, combined with our drifting away from God, have led us to this point in history. Unless we open our eyes, unless we choose to listen to the wisdom of our founding fathers and completely change course, our Grand Experiment will be lost for good. Once we are back in the chains of tyranny, it will be too late, and we will only have ourselves to blame.


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