The Politics Of Race

History is always fascinating. It is quite amazing how some people and groups will ignore the facts and truth of history in order to paint a false narrative and pander for votes. The politics of race is a lucrative business. There is a lot of power and money at stake so controlling and misleading a group of people becomes an art form. From the Democrat Party to the NAACP to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the leaders of the black community have a vested interest in keeping this false narrative alive and well. That false narrative is that the Republican Party and conservatives hate black Americans and that the Democrats are the only one who has their well-being in mind.

So what exactly is at stake here? The numbers show us that since 1964, black voters have overwhelmingly voted for Democrats. They overwhelmingly identify themselves as Democrats too. Here is the data from the Pew Research Center. This is from 2012 and 2014, but it will give you a clear and concise picture of how black voters are locked in to the Democrat Party.

The question is why? The more in depth question would be, why would the black community vote so strongly and consistently for a party that has historically been against them and their well-being?

History tells us that the Democrats fought hard against the civil rights bills of the 1960's. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 only garnered 61% of House Democrats voting in favor and 69% of Senate Democrats. By contrast, House Republicans voted 80% in favor and Senate Republicans voted 82% in favor of it. History also shows us that the long time mentor and friend of Hillary Clinton, Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV), was a former KKK member and started a chapter back home in West Virginia.

The facts and truth of history show us that the Democrats haven't done black Americans any favors. In 1950, 17% of black families were comprised of just a mother. In 2010, that number was 50%. In 1965, just 8% of black childbirths were out-of-wedlock. By 2010, that number was 41%. Today it is an astonishing 72%. In 1950, 53% of black homes were comprised of married families. In 2010, it had fallen to 25%. In 2012, there were more black babies killed in New York City  (31,328), than were born (24,758). The black babies killed that year amounted to 42.4% of all the abortions in New York City. The unemployment rate in the black community has been consistently twice as high as the white community. Here is a graph to better illustrate this.

The question is, are black Americans aware of this past history and just choose to ignore it or have they been sold a false narrative by black leaders, the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media? I would guess it is a bit of both, but I seriously doubt many in the black community have really been told the history and the truth on this particular issue. The intent of perpetuating the false narrative is clearly for political gain and power. For as long as the black community continues to either ignore the facts and truth or fails to hold the Democrat Party accountable for their plight, this trend will definitely continue. The race baiters, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, will continue to profit from selling the false narrative and the Democrats will continue to take the black voters for granted. They will continue to pander for votes by playing to that sense of victimhood, aggrievement, and entitlement. They will continue to stir up racial tensions and create a dangerous atmosphere. They will continue to lead the black community on and sell them the same lies since 1964, namely that the Democrat Party cares about you and is your friend. A lack of knowledge and insight undoubtedly leads to people perishing. History is real and meant to be soaked up. My hope is that some members of the black community will take the time to study it, and that this piece may be the spark to ignite the fire of truth.


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