September 11th: Fifteen Years Later, Have We Forgotten The Message That Was Sent?

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001. I remember that day vividly. It was surreal for me. I was in Rock Falls, IL that day and a mentor and trainer for Schwans Home Service. The day became less of a training day and more of a day of questions about what was happening. What was the reason for these attacks? Why would someone do this? Who is responsible for this kind of terrorist attack? Are there more attacks coming? All great questions that are just as applicable today as they were fifteen years ago. Have we forgotten the message that was sent to us that day?

The message was quite clear and chilling to anyone perceptive enough to receive it. It was a devastating blow and a shot across the bow. We are in a war for the survival of Western and Christian civilization. The war has been going on for several hundreds of years now. We just failed to grasp that reality of history. Ignorance and apathy tend to be very good at blinding us from the truth. The truth is that Islam is at war with us. That may not be politically correct to say, but it is honest and factual.

Unfortunately, over the last fifteen years, we still have failed to grasp this. Too many continue to ignore this ongoing war. We are losing this war. We have given back Iraq and Afghanistan to the terrorists. All those lives have been tragically lost and still we haven't engaged the enemy, or for that matter, even acknowledged the enemy. How can you defeat an enemy if you can't even identify and acknowledge them?

The truth is that you either submit to Islam or be killed. There is no peace or security until the enemy is defeated. This is hard for many to grasp. They have heard Islam is a religion of peace. Islam is a political ideology and completely antithetical to Western Civilization and our American way of life. They are not seeking to be one of many different religions, but they seek to be the only religion. A brief study of Mohammed and his life would give most people a better understanding of the motives and desires of the enemy. If you learn and know about Mohammed, you will learn and know Islam. Education is essential in this war.

The truth is that more attacks are coming. They will continue to take the war to us. We can continue to ignore this truth and deceive ourselves and eventually perish or we can choose to finally wake up and acknowledge the enemy and wholeheartedly fight back and defeat them. The war is raging on and the enemy is winning. Are we going to choose to honor the 3,000 plus who lost their lives fifteen years ago today and fight with the resolve and spirit needed to win this war or are we going to continue to cower in fear and be ignorant? Have we forgotten the message that was sent to us fifteen years ago?


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