The Debate Debacle

The Great Debate became The Great Debacle. As I listened to the debate on the radio driving home from work, I found myself utterly frustrated by the dismal performance of Donald Trump. I pictured myself on that stage debating Hillary Clinton and found myself effectively articulating a much more coherent argument from behind the wheel, than Mr. Trump did at Hofstra University. It was a night of lost opportunities.

There were many listening and watching tonight for the first time. Unlike myself, most people aren't really tuned in and engaged in politics and foreign policy issues. Most Americans have other things that capture their time and attention. Tonight was an opportunity for both candidates to reach out to these folks. Unfortunately, what Mr. Trump failed miserably to grasp, is that which Ronald Reagan knew instinctively. You need to eloquently articulate a logical and realistic alternative to your opponent.

Are you better off today than eight years ago, my friends? Is the world safer today than eight years ago? Is America more dominant and more of a leader in our world than eight years ago? If you answer no to these questions, then why would you cast a vote for Mrs. Clinton, and continue in the same direction as President Obama has set our course? These are the logical and realistic questions Donald Trump needed to ask the American people tonight. He failed to drive those important questions home. The troublesome part for me, is that I don't believe he has the innate ability to adequately articulate those questions to the American voters. You can only go so far talking in superlatives and saying that you will "Make America Great Again". You need to be able to adequately offer up a real alternative with some knowledge and substance. The carnival showman has run out of the magical potion that brought him this far. Ignore the man behind the curtain, and you continue to delude yourself into believing in the image of the Great and Powerful Trump. Unfortunately, just like in the Wizard of Oz, the real Trump is that bumbling carnival barker behind the curtain, and he was exposed for all to see on this Monday night.


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