Will This Shot Across The Bow Reverberate Throughout Washington?

It was a bad day if you were Sen. Mitch McConnell and the establishment Republicans in Washington. The voters in Alabama voted overwhelmingly for Judge Roy Moore over Trump-backed Luther Strange. Strange was appointed to fill the vacant United States Senate seat previously held by Jeff Sessions when Sessions was offered the position of United States Attorney General. McConnell and the establishment Republicans poured boatloads of money into Alabama to get Strange back to Washington only to flush it all down the toilet. The conservative voters of Alabama soundly rejected business as usual and took a flyer on Judge Moore to shake things up.

Even worse news, to add insult to injury, earlier in the day Sen. Bob Corker decided he would not seek another term as the junior Senator from Tennessee. Whether he saw the writing on the wall for 2018 and the midterms or whether he just had enough of the job and the headaches, he leaves an opening for a real conservative statesman to fill his seat. The question is will the good people of Tennessee replace him with a conservative or just another RINO, Republican in name only. Early bets say Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Gov. Bill Haslam may put their hats in the ring for the seat. If either of them take Corkers place, then it becomes a wasted opportunity. The time is now for real conservative statesmen to step up in these states and challenge the establishment Republican candidates and it becomes imperative that conservative voters mobilize and get behind them.

Today was clearly a shot across the bow and an opening salvo in a war to push out the establishment Republicans one at a time. As we have seen in 2017, the establishment Republicans have thwarted any real change in Congress. They have failed to repeal and replace Obamacare on numerous occasions and have yet to pass any tax reform bill. The conservatives in Congress are too few and need to be bolstered in numbers come 2018. This is where the rubber meets the road for conservatives. If the silent majority seeks to make some real change in Washington then they need to do so with Congress. Congress wields the power in our republic. The time to really shake things up is now. Today was just one battle in a long and difficult war to take back our republic. If the people of the heartland want today to reverberate throughout Washington for the next year then they ought to strap it on and get into the arena. Without a full-scale assault in the coming months we will find business as usual will remain the mantra in Washington.


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