Climate Change: Discovering The Real Agenda Behind This Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Most of us can probably recall reading fairy tales as we were growing up. They drew us in with their farfetched storylines and magical characters and kept us enthralled. Our modern-day fairy tale is climate change and it is one of farfetched claims as well. It continues to be spread as factual and supported by an overwhelming consensus of scientists and scholars. However, as with most amazing stories, there is very little truth and fact, and a whole lot of fantasy and exaggeration. So the truth must be told and this fairy tale exposed for the hidden agenda that continues to drive it.

There are a multitude of myths and outright lies about climate change that continue to be spread by the media and the left. This piece could go on for several pages listing each one and dismissing them with the truth. Needless to say, let's just mention a few. The fact is that weather satellites haven't measured any increase in global temperatures over the last eighteen years. Carbon dioxide has increased over that same time period and yet there hasn't been any increase in global temperatures. That seems to dispel the myth of a correlation between CO2 and rising temperatures. The fact remains, the Earth has gone through numerous warming and cooling eras throughout the long history of this planet. Long before vehicles and industrial emissions, there has been climate change. The Earth is always changing and most importantly, is most controlled by the sun. Studies have shown, and continue to show, solar flares and sun spots directly correlate with warming and cooling eras on Earth. The more active the sun is, the more likely we are to have a warmer global climate. Since the sun is moving into a less active cycle now, we can more than likely expect a cooling period. The climate change supporters always claim we will most assuredly experience more hurricanes and tornadoes due to global warming and increased CO2 levels. The facts are, we have found about the same amount or less and there is no evidence that they are any more severe than in the past. In fact, tornadoes rated F3 or stronger have actually decreased and are trending downward. So what exactly is driving this hysteria?

The truth is that the climate change hoax is all about control and redistribution of wealth on a global scale.  It is a global form of socialism or ecofascism, if you will.  It is all about confiscating money from the wealthy nations and feeding it through the United Nations to poorer ones. It is about weakening America and eliminating superpowers and heading to a New World Order. Facts and truth don't matter to them, it is all about spreading the fear and epic fairy tale stories to drive their agenda. The more fear they can instill in people, the easier it becomes to institute stricter controls in order to "save the planet". From EPA regulations to prosecuting climate change deniers, the agenda is clearly to get everyone to submit and conform to this climate change ideology. Free thought and free speech is becoming increasingly unacceptable to these new ecofascists. So how will this modern-day fairy tale end?

The answer is, it will directly depend on how many people educate themselves and wake-up to the facts and truth of climate change.  Recent polls do suggest that climate change has lost some steam and the fact that it has gone from global warming to climate change, suggests that the left has had to choose some different words and change their messaging just a bit. More efforts are needed by meteorologists and climatologists to dispel these myths with facts and data and continue to bring attention to the climate change fairy tale. Bloggers and talk shows also need to keep the pressure up and spread the truth. The truth is, freedom and liberty are under constant assault and the climate change ideology is a major threat to them. Let's end this modern-day fairy tale by slaying the climate change dragon once and for all and being victorious in saving our freedom and liberty.


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