Israel: Our Vital Friend In The Middle East

On May 14th, 1948, Israel became a country. It is roughly the size of New Jersey with about eight million people. It sits precariously among several Arab and Muslim dominated countries. It is a parliamentary democracy and remains the sole democracy in the Middle East. They have consistently sided with the United States and have been a staunch ally from the start. In recent years, that relationship between America and Israel has been seriously strained, with the Obama Administration winding up at odds with Israel on several fronts. So what makes this tiny country so very vital to America?

First of all, it is their location. As you look at the map, it becomes quite obvious Israel is strategically vital to American security interests. With Iraq and Iran in their neighborhood, as well as, Syria, Israel is in the middle of a powder keg. One of the areas Israel has had extreme differences with the Obama Administration on, has been the Nuclear Deal with Iran.  Allowing Iran to obtain the ability to adequately build and maintain a nuclear weapons arsenal, seriously undermines the security of Israel and the entire Middle East. It is essential for America to have a strong and vibrant Israel to maintain some sort of security in an increasingly unstable region and world. Their location alone demands the United States remain a strong and resilient friend with them.

Secondly, Israel is the one country in the Middle East that most closely aligns with our ideals of freedom and liberty. It is a parliamentary democracy and they have consistently remained stable, holding elections and allowing for peaceful transitions of power, which is a rarity in that region. They have been a faithful supporter of America and our unique history and way of life. Our two nations are uniquely entwined with similar values and ideals and have been since the beginning. A friend like Israel, needs to be kept and remain as solid as a rock. 

Lastly, Israel provides us with intelligence and technology. They have aided us in counter-intelligence, especially in regards to terrorism, and helped us with better approaches to airport security and screening. They have also helped instruct American military personnel on urban warfare and lead the way in armor plated military vehicles. Israel continues to be quite successful in missile defense and stopping short-range missiles being lobbed into their country from Lebanon and other areas. This technical support and information is shared with the United States and they have worked together on a missile defense shield. This information and technology that Israel provides, is vital for American security as well. 

In summary, without Israel, America would find the world to be much more unsafe than it already is. Israel, like most friends, is not perfect, and probably has cost us some inroads with Arab countries. But, their consistent support and friendship has given America much more benefits than negatives. From information to technology to a common set of ideals, Israel has been and remains our vital friend in the Middle East.  


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